Latin America's Involvement in the Climate Regime

"LAC's Potential Contribution to Global Mitigation Efforts", co-authored with Pablo Fajnzylber. Study arguing that it is in the best interest of Latin America and the Caribbean should participate actively in global efforts to mitigate climate change (it is in the best interest of the region) and that in terms of its comparative advantages and potential to reduce GHG emissions, the region is well placed to do so. Chapter 4 in the book Low Carbon, High Growth, Latin American Responses to Climate Change", World Bank, 2009.

"Moving Beyond the First Generation of Emission Reductions". Review of the region's past engagement in climate mitigation actions, and identification of the region's capacity to continue to advance its efforts, in its own best interest. Background paper for the World Bank's Latin American Flagship Report on Climate Change. 2009.

"The Challenge Presented by Climate Change in Latin America and the Caribbean". A comprehensive overview of the challenge that forces all countries to mitigate, and the advantages that LAC may have in initiating early actions. Presents the data for current and future projected emissions in the region, and identifies the mitigation potential in the energy sector (land use sector is not addressed), given the necessary national policies. Prepared as a background paper for the World Bank's Latin American Flagship Report on Climate Change, 2008.

"No Bastan los Esfuerzos del Sector Energía". Un corto artículo enfocado en el rol preponderante del sector eléctrico como causa del calentamiento global, y en la necesidad que existe de que ese sector sea radicalmente transformado. Revista Ambientico, Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica, Enero 2008

"El Batik de Bali", análisis de varios elementos a considerarse para el régimen post 2012, preparado para la Comisión Económica para América Latina y el Caribe (CEPAL). Julio 2007

"El Cambio Climático y el Mecanismo de Desarrollo Limpio: Retos y Oportunidades para la República Dominicana". Abril 2006. Situated in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic is highly vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change. However, it also presents mitigation opportunities that help balance the energy mix and contribute to sustainable development. This paper is a brief overview of those opportunities.

"Institutional Capacity to Integrate Economic Development and Climate Change Considerations: An Assessment of DNAs in Latin America and the Caribbean". This report investigates twenty one Latin American national entities responsible for climate change policy and CDM, assessing the national capacity to integrate climate change and economic development. Five detailed case studies from Brazil , Colombia , Costa Rica , Ecuador and Mexico provide ecommendations for future action. Prepared for and published by the Inter American Development Bank. Washington DC, November 2004

"Leading the Way in the CDM", presentation on behalf of twelve countries in Latin America at the Tenth Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Prepared for the Andean Development Corporation, October 2004.

"La Zona Fronteriza Perú-Ecuador: Su Potencial para Participar en el Mercado Internacional de Reducción de Emisiones". This study identifies the specific projects located on the Peru Ecuador border, and which could be prepared for the sale of emission reductions on the international carbon market. Prepared for the Inter American Development Bank, July 2002.

"La Estructura del Mecanismo de Desarrollo Limpio: Una Oportunidad para la CAF". Analysis of the emerging international carbon market as a promising business opportunity for the Andean Development Corporation. October 2000.

Latin American Perspectives on Climate Change. An overview of national policies and measures affecting GHG emissions and identification of key country positions in the international climate debate. A briefing book prepared for the Pew Center on Global Climate Change, July 2000.

Latino América frente a las negociaciones de la Convención de Cambio Climático. Análisis de las oportunidades y los retos de la región en ocasión de la Quinta Conferencia de las Partes (COP5). February, 2000. </p>

LAC Region Participation in the International Carbon Market. An analysis of the status of participation of 16 Latin American countries in the international carbon market. January 2000.

"Seeking a Competitive Advantage for Central America in Selling and Marketing Greenhouse Gas Reductions". Recommendations based on a survey of potential investors. Unavailable online. May, 1999

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