Design of the Climate Regime

Paris 2015 A Defining moment for a long-term sustainable future. By Christiana Figueres. March 2015.

Paris 2015: Climate and the Business Imperative. By Paul Polman and Christiana Figueres. February 2014.

The World's horrible weather just means we need to keep supporting a clean energy revolution. By Mark Ruffalo and Christiana Figueres. February 2014.

An international deal on climate change is within our reach. By Nicholas Stern and Christiana Figueres. November 2013.

Climate policy: a new foundation of stability and prosperity. Published in Climate Policy, Volume 13 Issue 5 2013.

"Taking the next step". Published in Environmental Finance magazine, November 2011.

Trends and Challenges of Climate Change Negotiations: Interview with Christiana Figueres, the United Nations climate chief (Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC). Pedro Larrea and Maria Luz Castilla, partner and director at Pw Spain, had the opportunity to speak first-hand with Christiana Figueres, the Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change), August 2011.English. Spanish.

The Road to Durban - The State of Play of the Climate Negotiations, August 2011.

"Catching the wind of change". Published in UNEP's Our Planet magazine, December 2010.

"A Post-2012 Vision for the Clean Development Mechanism", Chapter 26 co-authored with Charlotte Streck in the book Legal Aspects of Carbon Trading: Kyoto, Copenhagen and Beyond, Oxford University Press, 2009.

"The Evolution of the CDM in a Post-2012 Climate Agreement" co-authored with Charlotte Streck.  A short article that proposes key modifications to improve the CDM, as well as a combination of three possible financial mechanisms which may be necessary to promote scaled up mitigation actions in developing countries in the medium term. Journal of Environment and Development, Vol 18, Number 3, September 2009.

"Enhanced Financial Mechanisms for Post 2012 Mitigation" co-authored with Charlotte Streck. Research paper that identifies the modifications that can be considered in the short term to strengthen the effectiveness and transparency of the CDM, and lays out the three financial mechanisms that will be needed to scale mitigation actions in developing countries. Policy Research Working Paper, WPS 5008, for World Development Report 2009, World Bank.

"Tuning the Instrument" prepared for UNEP's Governing Council meeting. Published in UNEP's Our Planet magazine, February 2008.

Testimony before the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming, U.S. House of Representatives, on the results of the Bali climate negotiations on behalf of developing countries, December 2007.  Oral version. Written version. You-tube video clip

"Two Roads to Bali, One Way to Success", briefing paper prepared for Ex President Lagos of Chile in his role as UN Special Envoy for Climate Change, and all current Latin American Heads of State attending the Climate Change Summit convened by the Secretary-General of the UN in New York, September 2007

"The Bali Batik", an analysis of the various elements to be included in a post 2012 climate change regime, used as input of the UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean to the Gleneagles Process. July 2007

"Evolution of the CDM: Toward 2012 and Beyond", analytical paper assessing the impact of the current CDM and proposing parameters for future market mechanisms. Co-authored as member of the High Level Task Force supporting the Global Leadership for Climate Action group of the United Nations Foundation and the Club of Madrid.  Washington DC July 2007

"From Tons to Trends", identifying six design elements that must be transformed as we move from the current Protocol to the post 2012 regime, shifting the focus from tons reduced to affecting emission trends. Chapter in the book Global Environmental Governance, Perspectives on the Current Debate, Lydia Swart and Estelle Perry eds., Center for UN Reform Education, New York, May 2007

"Sectoral CDM: Opening the CDM to the yet Unrealized Goal of Sustainable Development". The article traces the historical roots of the relationship between the CDM and sustainable development, and presents the current shortcomings of the CDM. The paper then advocates for opening the CDM to policy-based, sector-wide project activities in order to catalyze much needed sectoral transformation through climate-protecting policies and measures in developing countries. Published in the International Journal of Sustainable Development, Law and Policy, Volume 2, Number 1.  McGill University , Montreal , Canada .  January 2006.

"Assessing the World's Efforts on Climate Change", co-authored with Kevin Baumert and Jonathan Pershing. This analysis rates the progress made globally and nationally by the 12 highest emitting countries as expressed by the international and domestic climate regimes. The paper contributes to the 2004 Report of the World Economic Forum's Global Governance Initiative, which monitors international progress in implementing the UN's Millennium Development Goals.  Brookings Institution and World Economic Forum, Washington DC and Geneva . December 2004.

"Issues and Options: The Kyoto Protocol's second commitment period". Co-authored with Kevin Baumert.  Explores a range of options for designing an international framework for climate protection beyond the Kyoto Protocol's first commitment period. Published by the World Resources Institute. 2003

"Climate Change: National Interests or a Global Regime?" co-authored with Maria Ivanova. Chapter 10 of the book Global Environmental Governance: Options and Opportunities, Daniel Esty and Maria Ivanova, editors.  Published by the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, New Haven, Connecticut , 2002.

"Testing Earth's Tolerance". Published in Association Management, magazine of the American Society of Association Executives Magazine. December 2002  

"The Achievements of COP 6: Yes, the Achievements." January, 2001 "Designing the Clean Development Mechanism to Meet the Needs of a Broad Range of Interests". Benefits of an 'open architecture' for the CDM. Co-authored with Nancy Kete and Kevin Baumert. ISBN 1569734550.  Published by the World Resources Institute, Washington D.C. July 2000

"The Ethics of Global Climate Change." Speech pronounced at Ethical Society, Washington DC. April 2000.

"Las Negociaciones Internacionales sobre Cambio Climático. Resumen Ejecutivo". Marzo 2000

A Climate of Change, co-authored with Jose Maria Figueres. A call for mainstreaming environmental stewardship into national and global economies. Published in Our Planet, the Magazine of the United Nations Environment Programme, Volume II, Number I, 2000.

"Do AIJ projects support sustainable development goals of the host country?" co-authored with Anne Hambleton.  Chapter 9 of the book The U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change Activities Implemented Jointly (AIJ) Pilot: Experiences and Lessons Learned, Robert Dixon, editor.  ISBN: 0-7923-6056-7. Published by Springer, November 1999.

"Beauty...or the Beast? The Challenge of Designing the CDM". Published in French in the magazine Liaison Energie-Francophone, Second Quarter 1999.

The Clean Development Mechanism, Draft Working Papers.  A series of analytical papers written in partnership with the World Resources Institute (WRI) and the Foundation for International Environmental Law and Development (FIELD). Published by the World Resources Institute, Washington DC .  October, 1998

The CDM:  An innovative Financial Mechanism which promotes Sustainable Development.  September 1998.

"Buen Aire para Kioto: Un Análisis de la COP4".  November 1998.

"Progressive Participation of all Countries"  . October 1998.

"Meaningful Action: A Proposal for Reducing Greenhouse Emissions and Spurring Energy Modernization in Developing Nations".  Co-authored with the Worldwatch Institute.   October 1998.

"The CDM: An Innovative Financial Mechanism which Promotes Sustainable Development". September 1998.

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