Capacity Building for Participation in the Climate Regime

Navigating the COP/MOP. Co-authored with Helena Olivas and Frederic Gagnon-Lebrun. A practical guide to the procedures and the structure of the Meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol. Published by Eco Resources International and the Helios Centre. Montreal, Canada. December 2005.

Mettre en Place une Autorité Nationale Désignée pour le MDP: Pourquoi et comment? Co-authored with Helena Olivas. A practical guide to the establishment of DNAs in francophone countries. Published by the Institut de L'énergie et de L'environment de la Francophonie. Quebec, Canada 2005.

"Institutional Capacity to Integrate Economic Development and Climate Change Considerations: An Assessment of DNAs in Latin America and the Caribbean." This report investigates twenty-one Latin American national entities responsible for climate change policy and CDM, assessing the national capacity to integrate climate change and economic development. Five detailed case studies from Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Mexico provide recommendations for future action. Prepared for and published by the Inter American Development Bank. Washington DC, November 2004.

"Capacity Challenges and Future Commitments under the Climate Convention", co-authored with Kevin Baumert. This paper examines the relationship between the institutional and technical constraints of developing country governments and their capacity to make deeper climate protection commitments in the future. Chapter 8 in the book Climate Policy for the 21st. Century, David Michel, editor. Published by the Center for Transatlantic Relations, SAIS, Johns Hopkins University. Washington DC, 2003.

Establishing National Authorities for the CDM: A Guide for Developing Countries. The first-ever guide to the establishment of Designated National Authorities, the entity responsible for evaluating and approving CDM projects. International Institute of Sustainable Development, Canada 2002.

"Implementing JI/AIJ: A Guide for Establishing Joint Implementation Programs". November 1996. Out of print. Not available online.

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